Spiritual Healing

Distance Healing

Spiritual Healing

An amazing spiritual healer and psychic surgeon...

Pete Efford channels the spirit of Dr Peter Guy Manners with some astonishing results, as you can read in the testimonials. As a trance medium Pete allows Dr Manners to use his energy to perform miraculous psychic surgery to alleviate a wide range of ailments from backs, knees and joint pain to eye and stomach problems. So long as the problem is physical and not a mental disorder.

Distance Healing

Absent healing miracles around the world

Following Pete's highly successful quantum physics experiments, Dr Manners healing energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world with a safe money back guarantee to prove it! Read how Pete and Dr Manners diagnosed and sent healing energy to 40 people he had never met with no prior knowledge of their condition. Click here to read astonishing testimonials.


Physical and Mental Deep Trance

Pete has the ability to see and communicate with spirit, blending mentally, taking on characteristics such as body language, mannerisms etc, before blending physically to speak through him while an ectoplasmic mask forms over his face that morphs into the spirits face! Peter regularly demonstrates platform mediumship at Town Halls, Spiritualist Churches and Psychic Fayres.

:Healing Clinics 2022

The Spiritual Healing Clinics are in:
Coventry, Warwickshire
Rugby, Warwickshire
Nailsworth, Gloucestershire (by arrangement)

In exceptional circumstances Peter can do home visits, please contact for details
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Read about Peter's distance trance healing experiment and the incredibly high success rate here 

Terry recounting psychic surgery session for his shoulder

Pete Efford with Gordon Smith

Pete Efford and Gordon Smith

Money Back Guarantee

Absent healing (distance healing) with a money back guarantee!

Healing money back gaurantee

Pete, you wonderful, wonderful man!! I cannot believe this is possible with absent healing?
My mum can see much clearer out of one eye (considering she has both cataract and glaucoma in both eyes!!)
Her feet feel better too! This is just day one.
Can't wait to meet you.
Meera K - London

Just to let you know that my back is feeling much better.  THANK YOU so much! I'm amazed that after over 20 years it's healed... you make miracles happen. Please thank your wonderful Dr Manners for me as well.
Julie Tague - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I was suffering with severe kidney pain and was in serious discomfort in my lower back. I was struggling to get out of a chair and was awaiting a hospital scan. Peter and his spirit doctor noticed my pain when we were at the same social function, he very gently put his hand exactly where it hurt for around 20 minutes and suddenly all the pain disappeared. I cancelled my hospital appointment and have been pain free ever since.
Thank you so much.
Tida Sanneh
Gloucester, Gloucestershire

I saw Pete today. Wow! Amazing! Had a knee injury from last June, completely pain free now!!!
Lower Back feels significantly better after seeing Pete! Blood pressure should now be lower too!
Whole heartedly recommend him and am seeing him again!
Truly a miracle worker!
Sabu Miah
Birmingham, West Midlands


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Pete Efford interviewed for the 'Seeking I' podcast, discussing a wide range of spiritual aspects including his amazing healing work.